Note: the deadline for submitting proposals has passed. Time to submit your videos before October 19th!

This year the Blender Conference will be slightly different, you can submit a proposal for a presentation but please take into account the following points.

Something about you

What happened to you in the past year? How did you experience the pandemic? Did you go through other life-changing events? Feel free to get personal here.

Something about your Blender work

Show off! Share with us what you made with Blender in the past year. This can be anything: animations, add-ons, tech-demos, showreels. Please keep the focus on content, not on product or service advertising.

If your proposal is accepted, instead of a full talk, we would like you to record a 2 minutes (no more than 120 seconds) video. To keep things interesting, the video should feature you, your home or office (extra points for family or pet cameos!) and a screen capture of your work.


Follow these points to properly format and design the videos.

  • Two minutes max. Keep it short and sweet, longer than 120 seconds videos won't be accepted.
  • Video should be English spoken.
  • Video resolution must be 1080p, aspect ratio can be somewhere between 16:9 or 21:9 (cinemascope).
  • Do not add a title card in beginning or name credits or logos or corporate identities. We will give all videos a uniform introduction and credit.
  • Do not start with "Hi" and saying your name. Consider to introduce yourself with a few seconds silence (so we can add a caption) and then move straight to the topic you want to share.
  • Do not add music if you don't have the rights for it.
  • You can also start with an edited reel or other material, and edit your personal story in the middle or end.
  • We would really appreciate the video to be personal, with you visibly talking to the camera. Roughly half of the video can be edited material of work you did with Blender or related to Blender.
  • Put some effort in good camera work, good lighting on yourself, and a good microphone.
  • We expect you to edit the video entirely yourself, we won't cut in your video without your permission.
  • By submitting the video you allow us to share it within the context of the "Together Apart" event as CC BY ND (free to show and share, but not free to edit or re-use).
  • Allow us to premiere the videos. Consider not sharing your video before BCON20, to make it a real surprising event!
  • Deadline: 19 October, but consider submitting earlier for higher changes of approval.