Mastering how to become the master

Iman is the co-founder of Kimagination, a rendering studio located in Poland that focuses on creating photorealistic renderings for products and the architectural industry. During the past few years, he has helped many companies and distributors around the world to showcase their products.

Some of the works by Kimagination achieved international awards, such as the Nu Watch designed in collaboration with Maziar Mohit, winning a silver A'design award.

Iman will talk about a core principle extremely important for any artist in every medium. Many artists particularly in the field of CG arts spend a lot of time and energy in order to learn every tool that exists inside the software before they start creating. In many cases, watching tutorials becomes a habit or even some sort of addictive meditation. Tutorials become a safe zone to forget the lack of knowledge.

The presentation will focus on how to fight this issue, and how to encourage artists to create with the least amount of knowledge. In other words, how to take advantage of the lack of knowledge.

Iman Kimiaei
3D Generalist