Blender Conference 2024 - Call for Participation

This year’s edition of the Amsterdam Blender Conference will have as a main theme “Making Blender”. We welcome presentations and case studies with a wide range of interpretations of the theme - everything that’s interesting for contributors to Blender. Think of “Making Blender better”, or “Making Blender possible”, or “Making Blender work in a pipeline”. Here are some more ideas:

  • Technical talks: for example about advances in CG, or new lighting models, or GPU compositing, or physics systems, or software engineering practices.
  • Design talks: for example more efficient editing of huge node trees, or two-handed input systems, or making the UI kit ready for AR/VR, or how to integrate with AI tools.
  • Organisational talks: for example about managing open source communities, or public infrastructures for CI/CD, or how to better work in Blender modules, or improving relationships with the industry.
  • Customization talks: for example about how you configured Blender to manage your media project(s), or an add-on to make CAD editing possible.

We also welcome presentations and case studies about projects that were realised using Blender. This includes presentations coming from film/game studios, scientific research, automotive, architecture or industrial design. 

And - last but not least - we wish to have our tutorial room filled with master classes and detailed how-to presentations by artists.

Talks will be scheduled in one of the following four areas:

1. Theater

  • General talks and case studies of how Blender was used.
  • 20 minute talks, entertaining and well prepared
  • No Q&A
  • Recorded and shared online a.s.a.p.
  • Seats 320

2. Studio

  • Presentations for and by people working in the CG creation industry (games, vfx, design, pipelines, collaborative tools, Gpencil, photo realism, …).
  • Talks of 25 or 50 minutes
  • Q&A possible
  • Recorded and shared online a.s.a.p.
  • Seats 150 (+ balcony)
  • Lobby area with bar. After 18h The Studio turns into a club with VJ/DJ.

3. Classroom

  • A large classroom is available for in-depth tutorials (rigging, hair, geo nodes, sculpting, lighting, scripting, …)
  • Sessions of 1 or 2 hours possible.
  • Recorded and shared online a.s.a.p.
  • Seats 120 people 

4. Attic

  • Presentations for and by developers (algorithms, advances in GPU or hardware designs, tool architecture and design, connecting Blender with web, Blender apps, module organization, …)
  • Sessions of 25 or 50 minutes.
  • Seating area up to 80 people
  • Informal meetings and discussions possible
  • Recorded and shared online a.s.a.p.

Presenters for talks in one of these rooms will get a discount on the conference ticket. If you submit a proposal, a ticket will be "reserved" for you. If the talk is accepted, you'll receive a discount coupon to claim your ticket. If not, you'll be able to purchase it at the regular price.

Alternatively, you can directly purchase a ticket and if your talk is selected you'll receive a partial refund. 

Next to that we welcome groups to claim a slot for:

  • Birds of a Feather: informal (networking)meetings with like-minded individuals, or speakers of the same language (Cafe downstairs, 60 people, max 45 minutes, open for all).
  • Workshop Tower: in the top of the venue, a room for Blender contributors/developers for focused work on specific topics (max 20 people), up to 3 hours, invitation only.
  • Meeting room: a 12-seat meeting room is available on request. Max 1 hour, invitation only.

Deadline: latest August 15th we stop accepting proposals.

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