Call for Sponsorship

The annual Blender Conference in Amsterdam will attract over 700 visitors from all over world. Visitors are 65% from EU countries, 15% from USA/Canada, and 20% rest of the world. The conference has been sold out each year since 2012.

The conference brings together artists, developers, film makers, animators, designers, architects, researchers, game makers, historians, teachers and many others from the 3D creation industry.

This three day event happens in the beautiful "Felix Meritis" venue, in the heart of Amsterdam’s canal district, close to all the highlights the city offers.

Become a sponsor of the Conference

Blender Conferences are warm and welcoming events. Each year, we get great feedback from visitors on how much they appreciate the atmosphere, meeting old friends and new people. For artists and developers involved with Blender it's the highlight of the year.

Conference sponsors get an opportunity to help us making the event even more memorable. In exchange they can get additional benefits.

Download the sponsor prospectus.

Contact: Ton Roosendaal,