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27-29 Oct, 2022

Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Conference 2023: Amsterdam, 26-27-28 October, Felix Meritis.

Call for presentations will be here before mid June. Tickets sale start will be announced then too.

Blender Conference 2022 Recap

Watch the Presentations & Podcasts

All presentations and podcasts have been uploaded to Blender's YouTube channel.

Celebrating 20 years of Open Source

The Blender event of the year is back! The largest gathering of artists, developers and contributors will take place at the beautiful 18th century neo-classical Felix Meritis in the heart of Amsterdam.

Felix Meritis venue The Felix Meritis venue, in the heart of Amsterdam.
The Theater, for general talks and case studies The Theater, for general talks and case studies.

A new Format

The new Felix Meritis venue offers 5 tracks of parallel events and a lot of space for informal meetings and hangout. As usual, content will be recorded and shared online during the event.

A dedicated 12-people meeting room will be available as well. Reservations for the room will be accepted 2 weeks before the conference start.

Food & Drinks

Included in the ticket price are drinks and food: coffee, tea and water available all day, multiple lunch buffets, and Thursday and Friday evening dinner buffets with drinks. Half of the food served will be vegan.

The Market, main hangout area The Market, main hangout area.
Developer Attic, dedicated to presentations for and by developers Developer Attic, dedicated to presentations for and by developers.


At this moment the final schedule is still being worked on. There are over 90 presentations this year.

Just note the following:

  • Door opens at 9:00 every day.
  • Program starts at 11:00 on Thursday, and at 10:00 on Friday/Saturday.
  • All catering is included in the ticket price (three lunches and two evening buffets).
  • Thursday and Friday there will be screenings from the Suzanne Awards, lasting until 22:00.
  • Saturday the program stops at 18:00, venue stays open until 20:00.
  • Sunday is the traditional 'visit the Blender HQ' day. Starts at 12:00.

Special Interest Groups

The schedule for the conference will be final on 19th of October. Until that day you can still apply for organizing a special interest group meeting. Examples as we have now are: community meetings in Italian/Spanish/German, USD users/developers meetup, and educators meeting. Room fits up to roughly 50 people.

Contact conference at for last minute scheduling.

Private Meeting Room

Conference visitors can apply for a slot in the private meeting room; which is a table seating 12 people. Meetings are private and invitation only, these will not be announced. Meetings should be related to helping Blender forward. For example: Blender Foundation meetings with Development Fund Patron members, Cycles architecture board meeting, etc.

Contact foundation at to apply for a meeting room slot.

New: Live Podcasts!

For the first time at a Blender Conference there will be live podcasts (sound and video) recorded and streamed from the spectacular tower room of the venue.

We found six hosts who will each invite a small number of conference attendees to be interviewed or to join a discussion on topics. The hosts are responsible for defining the topics and finding guests themselves. We expect this will give added value for everyone who can't visit the event.

We’ve invited the following six hosts: Alan Melikdjanian, Andrew Price, Dalai Felinto, Jonathan Williamson, Monique Dewanchand and Pablo Vazquez.

Podcasts will last around 60 minutes and are scheduled as follows:

  • Thursday 13:30 (Pablo Vazquez) and 16:00 (Dalai Felinto). 

  • Friday 11:00 (Alan Melikdjanian), 13:30 (Andrew Price), 16:00 (Jonathan Williamson). 

  • Saturday 11:00 (Robert Rioux), 13:30 (Monique Dewanchand), 15:30 (Pablo Vazquez).

COVID-19 Guidelines

Currently (as of October 18th) there are no government enforced COVID-19 related restrictions in the Netherlands. Restrictions are not expected to happen, but we will keep a close eye at developments.

General common sense guidelines do apply, though. To keep the conference a safe place for everyone, we strongly recommend the following.

  • Please only attend if you are in good health in general.
  • Bring a self-test to the conference. Blender will make a limited stock of self-tests available at the registration desk for free.
  • If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 or the flu, do not attend the conference. We will give everyone who cancels the conference a full refund, no questions asked.
  • If you experience COVID-19 or flu symptoms during the conference, please leave and do not attend the event further. Also in that case we will offer a full refund to compensate you, and to thank you for not bringing others in danger.
  • Some visitors might choose to wear face masks in the venue. Please treat this with respect and keep a distance where possible. In theaters, we do expect all seats will be used though.
  • Food at lunch and dinner buffets will be served out by the venue staff, in small portions that can be easily taken away.

Blender Conference is made possible thanks to the generous contributions of our sponsors:


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