Hitchhiker's guide to Blender CG Animations

In this talk Michael Arenander will share his most useful experiences and tricks that have allowed him to produce impressive CG animations all by himself in a short amount of time.

Take part in this journey to find out how you can create your own CG animations all on your own, and with efficiency, despite limited time.
See for yourself how a well structured environment can build massive scenes like never seen before.
Take a look at how the time distribution per video shifts after implementing various techniques.
Learn the meaning of working on scenes containing 42 billion polygons in Blender 2.8.
Allow Michael to bring you a perspective of what 7 years with Blender has taught him.

"The galaxy is a big place, let me narrow it down for you." - Michael Arenander


  • 3D Generalist from Sweden. Creator of CG shorts using Blender. Freelancer in movie production. Computer Science student at KTH The Royal Institute of Thechnology. Teacher at KTH 3D Graphics and Tekniska Museet.

    Produced Blender CG animations since 2013, always aiming higher for every new creation by experimenting with automation in every part of production.

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.…

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