I am sorry to announce this, but the Amsterdam Blender Conference 2020 will have to be cancelled. Moreover, Blender Foundation will suspend organizing international events until life can go back to normal again - which also means the LA conference in spring 2021 is being postponed until further notice.

Obviously this was not an action we hoped to take for our conferences, but following government measures and the ongoing uncertainty about how the pandemic will be controlled, this is our only viable option now.

Blender Conferences are not only about presentations. Our events are very well known for its social aspect; people come together to meet with each other and to cherish long lasting friendships they made with other visitors. For that reason alternative setups with social distancing and/or face masks would not work well.

It's also a reason why an online version of the conference will not be a very good alternative. We have a very strong online presence already, something we will do with even more energy during these uncertain days.

However, I do consider making something special by the end of October. Ideas for this are being discussed. My suggestion would be a video with interviews and presentations about what Blender contributors did, and how they have experienced 2020.

All the best,
Ton Roosendaal, July 2, 2020