Together Apart

For 18 years we have come together in Amsterdam to celebrate our passion for Blender, to share work and have a good time hanging out with old (and new!) friends. 2020 has changed things around, and we will too.

Historically, the Blender project takes place nearly entirely online. We have a very strong online presence and we’re used to working together online and to meet remotely. That’s the main reason why a full online version of the conference would not be a very good alternative.

However, we do consider doing something unique and special by the end of October! Here’s the plan!


The deadline for submitting proposals has passed, time to submit your videos!

Check out the video submission guidelines.

The BCON20 Comfort Box

A conference is not a real conference without the goodies! To give you a real “together apart” feeling, we will stuff a small box full of goodies: a conference t-shirt, stroopwafels, postcards, stickers, a special message from the Blender Foundation chairman and more!

Sold out!

All boxes shipped! Your comfort box should arrive anytime soon.