Real-time pipelines for short film production using Blender

This talk discusses the use of Blender in the development of 'Krabi', a short film about an Australian Fiddler crab. The project initially used Blender’s non-linear animation system as a quick way of producing Pre-Production for the incredibly small animation team (of one). However, this pipeline for animating the Crabs was so successful and easy to use that the project evolved into a Real-time production using Eevee as the main rendering option for the film.

(25 minute talk)


  • I'm an animator based in Brisbane, Australia. I've previously worked for companies in Games and Post Production but I currently work as a Lecturer in Animation for the Creative Industries Faculty at QUT. My most recent project is a collaboration with Merri Randell about an Australian Fiddler Crab named Krabi. The project began as a visual arts project containing a series of mesmerizing video inst…

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  • Merri is a visual storyteller and has worked with all kinds of visual media to celebrate diversity. She enjoys challenging social norms and provoking ideas using visual language.

    For 23 years she worked as a visual practitioner in Australia and Europe for companies such as Publicis Mojo and MTV Europe. Merri earned her doctorate in 2014 and has worked as a lecturer at CQUniversity in Brisbane,…

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