Blender in a Professional Dental Modelling Application


Creation of 3 dimensional art/animation has many overlapping requirements with the modelling of dental and medical prosthetic devices. In 2009 I began using Blender and writing addons for this purpose because it was available for free and had a vibrant online community. Since 2017, I have used Blender in a professional working environment for the manufacturing of dental appliances. I will demonstrate how we leverage Blender's builtin tools, and the tools and techniques we use to extend Blender to achieve 3D printed appliances that compete with the results of industry standard software. We will use a walk through of the design of an appliance to categorize the 3D operations which are common to many medical modelling work flows.

This talk would be 50 minutes and could fit into the Case Studies call for submission and could be made to suite the small theatre or the spotlight theatre. I can also tailor it to fit the conference needs after other proposals are accepted to balance the overall feel.
I can make it technical and focus on how we solved technical cahllenges
I can make it more of a demonstration, showcase
I can make it business related and discuss our commercial model
I can make it a "look ahead" about what upcoming features/tools are most exciting to the medical modelling applications.

TAGS: Medical, Dental, Python, Modelling, 3D Printing, Professional Applications

This talk will build on the previous talks of Vasiliy Shiskin and Stefan Raith.
This talk will discuss heavily practical workflows for 3D printing
This talk may expose career opportunities for artists/modelers who might want to enter dental or medical fields as design technicians
This talk may expose developers to projects which they may like to collaborate


  • I'm a dentist and 3d modelling enthusiast. I have written several addons for Blender which assist dental modelling tasks. I created a commercial product aimed at streamlining a very specific dental modelling workflow. I look forward to highlighting some of the technical challenges we have overcome and some of the biggest changes that Blender 2.8 series will bring to our work. My prior non den…

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