How to photorealistic visualize a Motorbike / A look at the visualisation pipeline in a Design Company

I will take with you a tour through the visualisation Pipeline at KISKA. Every step takes us closer to creating a photorealistic rendering of a Motorbike.

We start with a CAD dataset that consists of approx. 15 mio. polygons after the conversions from Class-A data to polygons.
Then we take a short look at the preparation and cleaning of the datasets in Blender. I will show you some techniques we us for shading and lighting in Blender 2.8, using custom tools and inhouse build shading networks. For the texturing we use a mixture of Blender and Substance Painter, procedural- and file textures. The compositing part happens in Nuke, and we finalise the images in Lightroom.

At the end of this process we get photorealistic renderings for the motorbike company KTM.

To get a quick look at the output you can take a look at this URL:…
(nearly all images on this page are made with Blender / Approx. 80% of all Bikes and Parts of those Bikes that you see on the Website are CG)