Blender In high-end Game Trailer production

My name is Henrik Svilling and I am the creative director and one of the founders of Istudios Visuals (, a motion studio of 13 years specialized in game trailers and VFX production. We are based in Sweden.

We have created about 30 Game trailers, that have been premiered at E3, GDC, PDXcon among others.

I will speak at the Blender Conference in Amsterdam because of my experience with Blender and EEVEE in production. I will focus on one production in particular where EEVEE was especially important for Istudios, a game trailer for the game “Imperator Rome” (…).

Blender is one of the most important tools we use at Istudios. My first experience of Blender was a tutorial about faking raytraced shadows of a boot. This was in 2003. In 2018, Istudios was nominated for best VFX at “Guldbaggen”, Sweden's grandest film awards, for our work on the disaster movie, "The Unthinkable". (

The release of EEVEE has been beneficial to say the least. When producing a series of six faction announcements for “Planetfall - Age of Wonders”, (…) the first two were rendered in Cycles before we made the switch to EEVEE where we were able to cut down production time and notably elevate the quality of work.

This year we produced a trailer for the game “Imperator Rome” based on 25 illustrations created by our 2D artists, in a production time of three months. Normally, we use about three weeks per illustration, but from the benefit of rendering in EEVEE we were able to not only cut down render time but also work more fluently between the animation of scenes and the edit, making changes in no time. It was actually the compositing in AE that had the most render time!

Use of the new texture paint system was also critical, being able to directly paint missing textures from the texture projections, directly in Blender was amazing.

I hope this will be of interest for the Blender Conference community!

Kind Regards,
Henrik Svilling
Istudios Visuals


  • I am Creative Director and founder of the Swedish award-winning motion studios Istudios Visuals founded in 2006. Istudios specializes in hi-end Game trailers/ Cinematics and WFX for feature films.

    I love animation and compositing as a storytelling tool. I started working whit blender at the age of 14 and have done about 30 Game trailers that have been premiered at E3, GDC, PDXcon among othe…

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