Using Blender EEVEE for the generation of realtime background plate in green screen movie shots

This talk will introduce you to the use of blender EEVEE for green screen shots for a short movie.
Green (and blue) screen shots are notoriously difficult to get the lighting condition right, since the image from the camera is dominated by the bright green background. It is very helpful on the set to see in real time the final composition of the scene with the proper background to make adjustments of the camera and the lighting position and the lighting intensity and color.
For the shots a large volume mocap solution (optitrack) was used to track the movie camera (arri alexa) and the transformation data was sent to blender to animate the virtual camera. The previously laser scanned background was rendered in real time in EEVEE. To combine the camera image and the rendered image a dedicated live-keying hardware was used.
The talk will conclude with an outlook on developments for cheaper tracking and live-keying solutions.

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