Everything you wanted to know about rendering Glass (not only with Cycles)

This session will present several tricks to render glass in your scenes. These aren't the 'classical' topics about denoising, fire-flies or caustics. Instead the focus will be on several realistic elements of glass that I didn't find covered in any online tutorial. These will include:

- some cool light path animations made for this presentation.
- the correct color of glass
- get rid of 'black spots'
- get light-bounces low and still get rid of the black spots
- have a glass sheet that is clear from one side, while correctly green from the side, and still doesn't render for ages.
- Add touch marks to glass.
- Getting Architectural glass right
- Setting a glass sheet material, where sides are realistically green.
- Adding dispersion to glass.


  • I've been an active part of blender community for ~20 years, both on artists, and also on the coder side (mainly developing free addons). In the last years, I decided I'd like to do blender addon development full-time. BlenderKit Library is the solution I found to achieve this goal, where things can remain free but also sustainable.