SciViz Panel: Leveraging Blender to See the Shapes of Neurons

Neurons are complex structures. They have various shapes with convoluted arborizations spanning different regions of the brain. This talk will be showcasing NeuroMorphoVis, a lightweight and interactive add-on developed specifically to allow neuroscientists to sketch, analyze, repair, mesh and turn neuronal morphology skeletons into realistic and compelling scientific renderings.

Neurons are analyzed, soft body physics is used to reconstruct realistic shapes of their cell bodies (somata), the editing capabilities are used to repair their skeletons. Several other features and operators are used to create high fidelity surface meshes from these skeletons and Cycles was used to create high quality visualizations and scientific illustrations.

NeuroMorphoVis was published in 2018 in Oxford Bioinformatics and the addon is freely available on Github.