VR/XR in Blender: Where Do We Stand?

While virtual, augmented and mixed reality have reached mainstream adoption, there is still no native support for this in Blender. A team of experienced Blender users and developers is currently trying to address this very issue. There has further been quite some work to get the required foundations into the Blender source code.

During Google Summer of Code 2019, Julian implemented core XR support, based on the brand new OpenXR standard. While intentionally limited in scope, the project's outcome is targeted to land in Blender 2.82.
With this foundation in place, a number of artists and developers, who have previously done extensive experiments with VR in Blender, got together to join forces. Together, they want to bring rich immersive experiences to Blender.

This session should give an overview of what is there now, what is currently going on and where the project might be heading towards.

Julian Eisel
Software Developer