CoreWeave: Unlimited Render Scale

Marco Iodice, CoreWeave co-founder will share his personal experience in creating and running a startup in New York built around Blender, from the idea to the launch, passing through the crucial stages of the startup-life. A perspective view of a business ran by a creative with all the day-by-day difficulties and victories, the necessity behind this effort to build a tool for 3D creators and the essential contribution from phenomenal Blender artists. CoreWeave was created to cater to artists in need of powerful compute for an affordable price. Our products solve two crucial problems in the render world....time and money.


  • My name is Marco Iodice, I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Leonardo Render. I come from a multi faceted creative background starting as a Sound Composer up to now as a 3D Artist and Designer. Together with my team I created Leonardo Render. I am the winner of 7 Cannes Lions, 1 Spikes Grand Prix, and the Gong Award for Best Sound Design with Grey Group Singapore.