Blender Conference 2023 - Call for Participation

The Felix Meritis venue has rooms and theaters spread over 8 interleaving floors. This allows a conference concept with themed floors and a lot of shared space for informal hangout and spontaneous meetings.

We hereby do a call for presentations in either one of the following five tracks. All talks will be live streamed or recorded and made available within a day.

1. Theater

- General talks and case studies of how Blender was used.
- 20 minute talks, entertaining and well prepared
- No Q&A
- Live streamed with multiple cameras
- Seats 320

2. The Studio

- Presentations for and by people working in the CG creation industry (games, vfx, design, pipelines, collaborative tools, Gpencil, photo realism, …).
- Talks of 25 or 50 minutes
- Q&A possible
- Recorded and shared online a.s.a.p.
- Seats 150 (+ balcony)
- Lobby area with bar. After 18h The Studio turns into a club with VJ/DJ.

3. Live Tutorials

- A large classroom is available for in-depth tutorials (rigging, hair, geo nodes, sculpting, lighting, scripting, …)
- Sessions of 1 or 2 hours possible.
- Recorded and shared online later.
- Classroom seats 120 people (double in size compared to last year).

4. Developer Attic

- Presentations for and by developers (algorithms, advances in GPU or hardware designs, tool architecture and design, connecting Blender with web, Blender apps, module organization, …)
- Sessions of 25 or 50 minutes.
- Seating area up to 80 people
- Informal meetings and discussions possible
- Recorded and shared online later.

5. SIG Tower (Special Interest Groups)

- SIG room moves to the attic, above developer attic. (No elevator access)
- A SIG moderator can sign up for an informal hangout.
- For example: German, Italian, French, Spanish language meetings (55 or 85 minutes each).
- Or gatherings by educators, scientists, animators, etc
- Please submit a short proposal for how the SIG gets structured.
- Projector available, no stream or recording will happen.

Next to the presentation floors, we have dedicated floors for:

- Reception (incl wardrobe)
- The Market (canteen), seats 200+
- Hacker Cafe, seats 100+
- Meeting room (on appointment)

Coffee/tea/water, lunch and dinner are included in the tickets and will be served on most floors simultaneously. Half of the food will be vegan.


Proposal submitters will get an approval or rejection before August 1st. Accepted speakers will get a conference ticket with a discount.

Submit Presentation Proposal