Journey Towards an Efficient 1-Person Pipeline

Utilizing a personal project as a case study, Sacha will delve into the creation of a 1-person pipeline (including tools, UI and workflow), ranging from Layout to Render. The project, a 3D animated show in development, features stylized characters for a young audience, with the added complexity of simulated hair.

- Unleash quick results for mundane and complex tasks
- Embrace strengths and overcome weaknesses
- Use python to unlock the full potential of blender


  • Sacha Goedegebure, an award-winning Blender enthusiast, is currently showrunner at Omens Studios in Singapore.

    Sacha started his 3d animation career as writer and director of Big Buck Bunny, the first open movie created in the Blender Studio. Since 2011, Sacha has been rocking it at Omens Studios as writer, director and showrunner, working passionately on several short films and edutainment se…

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