Bringing Cube Creative character's to life

Cube Creative presents its work on character rigging.

Based on the in-house "Keith Harig" tool, Cube Creative will be offering a full demo of its autorig, as well as its associated tools to facilitate rigging and skinning on characters and props.
They also share their few tricks that help animators to keep fps as high as possible in their shots using shader and geo nodes and how these elements are baked into the rendering part.


  • Tanguy Weyland is one of the 3D supervisor at Cube Creative, specialized in rendering, pipeline and special effects. He's currently involved in the design of a new production pipeline for coming TV series in the studio. Tanguy is graduated from French animation school Supinfocom Valenciennes.

  • Manon Grabette, a graduate of Supinfocom is a seasoned lead Rigger at Cube Creative. She has played a leading role in the studio major projects including popular shows like Kaeloo or Athelticus, she also mentored young rigging artists on recent projects. She bring tools to empower animators to bring life into characters. Currently, she's contributing her expertise to an upcoming Netflix series.