Primal Shape: an NPR approach to a TV special film for KIDS

At Primal Shape animation studio, they produced a short movie of 26 minutes in collaboration with the Italian broadcast RAI KIDS. Primal Shape was responsible for the entire production, and they decided to use Blender 3.1.2 as their main tool for the 3D work. The goal was to give the film a painterly style in order to align with the visual development. They opted to develop a shader that could reduce the reliance on numerous textures and seamlessly integrate with the painted backgrounds. Eevee was chosen for the rendering process, not only for cost-effectiveness but also for its adaptability in experimenting with and testing different artistic styles.


  • Andrea Giro is an Italian Director, author, animation supervisor and producer from Turin Piedmont. He comes from a long experience as a character animator in the international film industry and had the chance to work on important productions all over the world, ranging from TV shows, commercials and feature films.

    Among other projects he worked for top grossing movies like “Despicable me 3”, “…

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