From Computational Design to Digital Fabrication using the Tissue add-on

At the upcoming Blender Conference, Alessandro Zomparelli will pivot from his 2019 Tissue add-on presentation to spotlight projects realized through Blender and Tissue. He will demonstrate how Blender, backed by computational design and digital fabrication methods, serves as an essential tool in both academia and industry.
Alessandro will showcase works completed at the University of Southern Denmark's CREATE Group, including a 3D-printed modular system for complex concrete structures. These structures used reusable plastic formwork for concrete casting, primarily designed with Polyhedral Wireframe and Tessellation tools.
He will also highlight a 2022 SDU Summer School project, where anisotropic implementation of Tissue's Reaction-Diffusion was used to generate structurally efficient concrete slabs, cast in a robotic milled Styrofoam block.
Additionally, Alessandro will feature collaborations in architecture and fashion, demonstrating Blender and Tissue as essential tools for conceptual design and digital fabrication.