Hardsurface Modeling Techniques for Games

In this presentation, I would like to show my techniques in modeling the airplanes assets for the game Wings Of Heroes, providing examples of each step of the process til the final model textured. I will show very cool techniques to achieve high quality models as you will see in the aircrafts I have been doing for this project.

- High Quality Lowpoly Model techniques

using Blender
- techniques Substance Painter-like
- What details should you save for Painter?
- Reference research

Lowpoly techniques

- Fast prototype with booleans/cleanup

- Uv techniques / Addons

- Topology techniques

The audience will learn about making high quality lowpoly models game ready with no highpoly needed.


  • Pedro is a Senior 3D Artist at Ten Square Games. He has spent the last 8 years in games industry beginning as a 2D Artist before eventually switching to 3D rendering artist for advertising agencies and later 3D artist for games, including PS4, Xbox and Switch titles, and VR / AR experiences for Samsung and Oculus Rift headsets. He likes to produce very detailed, complex and realistic assets for g…

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