Interacting crowds

In crowds characters move and behave as a whole and there is individual interaction. In Battle scenes, for example, soldiers run as a group but when in battle they make individual decisions and respond to one another.
How can you mix crowd and individual behavior to get a more realistic crowd animation?

This is one of the challenges that Monique has been working on for CrowdSim3D. In this presentation Monique will explain the challenge with more realistic crowds and how she has solved this for CrowdSim3D. She will talk about animation scheduling and blending, state engines combined with model specific variables, problems with force avoidance and a playback functionality.


  • Monique has been a voluntarily code contributor since 2008, mainly for the compositor.
    Recently she has been working on a crowd-and traffic sim add-on and voluntarily contributing code where performance can be improved.
    For the past 10 years she is also teaching Blender at schools and actively promoting Blender teaching with free tutorials on B3D101. She also started the Education SIG meeting …

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