My Journey Across the Spider-Verse: from Hobbyist to Hollywood

The presentation will take the audience on a journey—a journey across the Spider-Verse—where a self-taught, young, talented 14-year-old kid used Blender, to create high-quality LEGO animations of movie trailers. Through the use of social media, this young artist's passion and skill caught the attention of Hollywood producers, leading to a life-changing invitation to animate in a new Hollywood movie.
This will be presented by the young artist himself and the remarkable tale will highlight the impact of Blender and the power of dreams!


  • Preston is a highly skilled, creative 14-year-old animator and artist. Preston is passionate about storytelling and pushing the boundaries of animation and art to create unique captivating experiences.
    Preston's most famous work includes animating the LEGO scene in the Hollywood blockbuster animation film Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse. Preston was invited to animate the scene after produce…

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