The Complete glTF Asset Creation Pipeline

glTF is a royalty-free specification for transmitting 3D scenes and models, available in Blender since version 2.80.
Julien will demonstrate the process of creating a complete Blender/glTF asset, showcasing shaders, rigging, and animation, while also sharing valuable tips, tricks, and common mistakes to avoid. Furthermore, he will introduce various tools within the glTF ecosystem, such as the validator, online viewer, and post-export tools, which enable optimization techniques currently not (yet) integrated into Blender.


  • Julien started with his first 3D experiences 15 years ago, after he completed its engineering degree.
    He quickly specialized in Rigging on Blender and notably worked on Michel Ocelot's film "Dilili in Paris", or game trailer "Dordogne".
    As a Character TD, he develops many scripts related to rigging or animation. Julien is also a trainer: Goblins, engineering schools, online training, etc.

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