Animation Tricks of the Trade

As an industry animator who has worked on multiple shows such as The Mandalorian, Ashoka, LEGO, and more, I've adapted many of the skills and techniques I've learned from those productions to my Blender animation workflow at DillonGoo studios. I will be sharing techniques I've used across multiple productions, as well as tips and tricks I've garnered over the years in the VFX and TV industry. Guest speakers include: Hjalti Hjálmarsson, Dillon Gu, Tony Garcia and Pablo Fournier!

Similar to the animation boot-camps at GDC (Games Developers Conference), this panel will invite Blender animators up on stage to talk about workflow tips they've accumulated over the years of animating in blender! Blender has so many wonderful animation tools that are hidden behind drop down menus and hotkeys people are unfamiliar with. Having the minds of blender animation professionals all in the same room discussing their own ways of working will help get this information in the wild in an organized manner and help the entire blender animation community.

Link to GDC's Animation tricks of the trade panel for 2016 for context: