Aftermath Making-of

Last year at BCON I made a presentation on Real by FAKE’s pipeline. I was authorized to show one work-in-progress shot from a movie called Aftermath. We’ve just finished the project. It was the biggest VFX show we have ever made a 95% of the CG is done in Blender, rendered in Cycles. This year I will present a making-of of the project. From storyboard to layout, lighting, and comp. I will explain how we managed to handle such big scenes with many heavy assets. Out of 1260 shots, more than 650 shots involved 3D.


  • Working the VFX industry since 1995, Robert, AKA Blender Bob, worked at many prestigious studios in Hawaii, Los Angles, London, Vancouver and Montreal. He worked on more than 60 feature films and series including Ad Astra, Stranger Things, Men in Black: International, The Predator, Pacific Rim 2, Ghost in the Shell, Independence Day: Resurgence, X-Man: Apocalypse, Star Trek: Insurrection and Arma…

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