Bobbypills: An Adult Animation studios journey to CG

Bobbypills is an expanding animation studio located in Paris, with a specialization in 2D adult animation. Created in 2017, the studio already produced three unique series in its very first year, achieving the platform's highest viewership.

Traditionally, our productions involved hand-drawn work using Adobe Animate. However, a few years ago, we embarked on a remarkable project titled 'Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix,' a top-tier series produced in collaboration with Ubisoft's Film and Television. The series is set to debut in early October 2023 on Netflix (check out the trailer here:

Given the vast scale and high-quality demands of this show, especially for our small-scale studio, we made the strategic decision to integrate Blender into our workflow. By using Blender for vehicles and weapons, we enabled our 2D animators to focus on character animation instead of hard surface 2D elements.

In parallel to this major project, a dedicated team began working on a 2D/3D hybrid workflow, aiming to enhance the quality of future productions. This endeavor led to the establishment of our Research and Development (R&D) department, specializing in innovative hybrid techniques based on Blender for backgrounds and 2D character animations.

Our presentation will focus on sharing the success of our seamless 2D to 3D transition, along with the exploration of techniques that effectively blend both animation worlds. We would like to
present behind-the-scenes glimpses of the making of Captain Laserhawk and illustrate how this project led to the development of a new production mindset, increased productivity, and the integration of Blender in our R&D department. We look forward to sharing our journey and contributing to the Blender community's collective knowledge.


  • After studying visual communication, he began his career as a CG artist in advertising, and then transitioned between various other CG projects (film, series) and traditional 2D over the past few years.

    As the Bobbypills Research & Development Supervisor, his tasks are exploring and reflecting on alternative technologies, workflows, and ways of thinking with the goal of improving the working …

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  • After studying Character Animation at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark, she began her career as a 2D animator at BOBBYPILLS, to then transition to doing CG research for the studio.

    As a Bobbypills Research & Development member, her tasks are to create a bridge between the research team and the artists of the studio, and first hand test new ideas and workflows with the goal of improvi…

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