Making a Music Video for a K-Pop Legend, from Home

We are Princess Computer, a music video studio working with Blender as our main software. Though our studio is relatively young, we have had the honor of collaborating with emerging and established artists, in particular from the K-Pop music landscape, on music videos and cover artwork.

We would like to present our latest music video that we made for the singer Cho Yong-Pil, a legendary figure in K-Pop, and how we create the fabulous job as a remote team of two people.

We hope that our talk can serve as an inspiration for artists to not be afraid to take elements from "more professional" pipelines and make them fit into their own situations, and that often, it's simpler than one might think.

TZUSOO & Lloyd Marquart from Princess Computer


  • TZUSOO, born in 1992 in Seoul and currently residing and working in Berlin, envisions a future where all human souls are uploaded into computers. She explores how the virtual world both captivates and influences the physical world through an anthropological lens.

    TZUSOO is well-known as a music video director, collaborating with popular musicians like Young Pil Cho, Lim Kim, Lil Cherry, SAAY, …

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