Playing with Grease Pencil: an Adventure in 2.5D

Grease Pencil has become a trending tool among 2D/3D hybrid artists, and a more accessible and intuitive method for illustrators and 2D animators to work in 3D. This talk explores Sharon Snow's (Sony Pictures Imageworks) take on it, from pursuing a stylized, painted look, to applying traditional perspective drawing disciplines in 3D. This presentation is a runthrough of grease pencil methods and workflows for beginners, or people who are used to 3D looking for a fresh perspective.


  • My resume isn't long. I made my student film in Blender (directed a team of 20+, ran a pseudo-studio out of my apartment for a year), then worked on "Across the Spider-Verse". Sony is my home, but I'm also finding time for my own stuff.

    My hobbies include writing, drawing, and abusing the Grease Pencil tool.

    I can be found at @1272snow on Twitter and Instagram.