Grease Pencil scenes for testing tools and algorithms

While the 3D world has a collection of models and scenes that are useful for testing and validating developments or assessing the execution speed of new algorithms, the 2D world lacks such resources. Although the challenges may appear less complex, we will highlight the significance of providing researchers access to comprehensive and valuable scenes for testing their developments. On this occasion, we will introduce two scenes that are distributed under the CC-BY license, along with the range of issues they can address.


  • Flavio Perez graduated from the french parisian schools Estienne (Animation), Gobelins (Production) and Paris 8 Art and Technologies of Images (Programming). His training offers him a global vision on animation technical direction. He worked with Autour de Minuit on a dozen of shorts as production assistant (including Logorama and Babioles). He then went to Illumination Mac Guff as a Technical Di…

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  • Amélie is a research engineer at the French animation studio Les Fées Spéciales, mainly working on Grease Pencil. She develops addons to provide tools to the artists in the studio, but also contributes to Blender code, especially on the Grease Pencil v3.0 project.
    She obtained her PhD in computer graphics at Université Grenoble Alpes in 2019. Her research focused on sketch-based interfaces to cr…

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