Developing an add-on with UX in mind

An add-on is appreciated by the users not only for the tasks it performs but also for its usability and its ability to be smoothly integrated in a workflow. The design of the User Experience is then a key factor for its success.
Julien will revisit the UX principles on the example of StoryLiner, a production tool he developed to provide a lot of flexibility for the creation of storyboard and previz animatics in a Blender scene. He will also dive into Python code to discuss some development considerations and tips related to UI.

This tech talk is dedicated to casual as well as advanced add-on developers. Examples will be

StoryLiner is a Blender add-on that introduces a true shot entity in Blender scenes, as well as a wide and powerful set of tools to build and edit sequences in real-time directly in the 3D context, in a non-linear way.

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