USD driven pipelines

USD integration in Blender has matured. Though, not only Blender, also other DCCs struggle with their implementation of the full USD specification.

I show how the implementation of USD changed the pipelines of Pixar, Side-FX or Apple to the better and I also show what is already possible with Blenders’s current USD support, either provided by the USD Im- & Exporter, Nvidia’s Omniverse Blender fork or AMDs Hydra addon.

Furthermore I explain the built in “magic” of USD and why Blender people are well prepared since they know concepts like referencing, distributed storage of project-files in libraries and instantiation already for a very long time (so USD might look like a bigger advancement for other DCCs than Blender at the first glimpse). But we all will profit as collaboration, ressource-sharing and reusability will thrive.