An Open Software Ecosystem for Designing Living Architecture

This presentation would explore the works of the Living Architecture Systems Group (LASG), and Blender's role as a part of the ecosystem of software tools that are used to support the LASG's ongoing research.

The Living Architecture Systems Group is an international partnership, of research­ers artists and industry partners dedicated to developing built environments that can move, respond, and learn, and which are adaptive and empathic towards their inhabitants.

Living Architecture Systems Group research is anchored by a series of prototype "Testbeds". These testbeds are accessible, immersive architectural sites that provide a platform to explore what role living architecture might play in our built environment, creating sites of collaborative exchange that act both as research ventures and as public cultural expressions.

The conception and production of these testbeds requires an ecosystem of 3D modeling tools to facilitate their conceptual design, visualization, industrial design, and fabrication. This talk explores Blender's use across design phases in the production of new testbeds.