From Hobbyist to AAA: A Deep Dive into Tools and Techniques in Game Art

We aim to explore how Blender, once a hobbyist's tool, has evolved to become an industry standard in the creation of AAA game art. Our focus will be to look at standard pipelines and traditional workflows of game art development and how those are achieved with Blender.

We will cover
- Some of the examples of the assets made for AAA games.
- What standard workflows look like in the AAA studio and how files are managed.
- Blender at each stage like file management, modelling, UVs and importing/Exporting.
- A list of addons to accommodate each step, We will talk about useful options in there.
- Speeding up workflows and quick Iterations using modifiers and geometry nodes.
- Export pipelines in between Unreal and proprietary engines.
- Some of the examples shown in the presentation and recreate those
- How big AAA game companies can and are utilising Blender.
If have time
- World building with Blender for Games (Terrain and scattering)
- Creating large structures using Blender ( Castle Ruins Example)
- Some collective examples of some interesting assets I created (Showing source files)


  • I am 3D artist Working in the industry for almost 10 years now. I am currently working as a environment artist in AAA games. I am specialized in Vegetation and organic world building for games. I have contributed to more than 7 AAA titles including Unreal Engine 5 Demo, Forza Horizon 4, Overkill's The Walking Dead, World of Tanks, Hunting Simulator 2, Euro Truck racing and more.
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