Science and Engineering Meetup

This meeting is about scientific, engineering or technical applications of Blender. After a quick introduction of the participants, we will discuss existing or upcoming initiatives to promote these fields. It is also an occasion to discuss more technical areas like pipelines, import/exports, ...

Co-hosts: Antoine Ruzette (Harvard Medical School) and Matthieu Vitse (Focale Expertise | ENS Paris-Saclay)


  • Matthieu is the CEO of Focale Expertise, a company that focuses on audiovisual / 3D expertise. Focale works on syncing media and making 3D reconstructions to analyse and understand complex situations.

    He is also associate researcher at LMPS (ENS Paris-Saclay, France), mainly focusing on virtual testing and robot-based experimental imaging setups.

    He is the main developper of several addon…

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