The challenge of design in open source projects

How design has to be present in the big picture and every day decisions of software development for a project like Blender.

In a product-centric open source project like Blender there is a constant balance between a descentralized development and a centralized vision. Dalai will talk about how teams and projects are formed at Blender, the role that design plays on it and some of the tools and methodologies applied.

He will go over a few specific example from the Geometry Nodes project, which marked his debut as Product Manager.


  • Graduated in Architecture and Urban Studies, using Blender since 2003 and contributor to the code since 2.47. His participation in the Blender community includes a book, few papers, workshops and talks at blender events.

    Worked as the development coordinator of Blender Code Quest 2018, and was one of the 2.8x development coordinators.

    At the moment works as development coordinator and produ…

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