Inklines Across the Spider-Verse (encore)

This is an encore of the presentation from Friday 27. Will be repeated due to technical a technical issue.

In this presentation we go over the creative process in Spider-Verse using inklines, the history of how we started to use blender, FX and Anim workflow and shotworks using blender, with shot breakdown and examples.


  • Engineer and computer science graduate I now work as visual effect artist in CG animated movies at Sony Pictures Imageworks. For the past 2 years, as Inklines Technical Lead on Spider-Verse, I studied the stylization process in the FX department and how to generate curves in 3D space to blend linework with 3D render.

  • I've been using Blender since I studied at Pepe School Land with Daniel M.Lara, from whom I have inherited my love for Grease Pencil too.

    After sharing my animation reel/shortfilm with the world I got the pleasure to work with the Blender Studio on "Sprite Fright", a project that I'm really proud of (actually, you may find me around the Bcon dressed as one of the characters. Come say hi to t…

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  • My resume isn't long. I made my student film in Blender (directed a team of 20+, ran a pseudo-studio out of my apartment for a year), then worked on "Across the Spider-Verse". Sony is my home, but I'm also finding time for my own stuff.

    My hobbies include writing, drawing, and abusing the Grease Pencil tool.

    I can be found at @1272snow on Twitter and Instagram.