3D healthcare goes open-source!

Since 2015 WASP Med is working to develop 3D tools to professionals in the healthcare market: 3D scanners, 3D printers and innovative materials.
Now we are so proud to announce the release of WASP Med Blender Add-on: a tool like nothing before to model orthoses on scans.
The designed objects are suitable for 3D printing with certified materials and can be used on patients: a revolution in the world of P&O.
With the workflow of the Add-on even beginners in 3D modeling, as doctors and orthopedic technicians, can easily get to realize their designs.
Designed with Alessandro Zomparelli (developer of Tissue Add-on) it features the best of Blender 2.8 modeling tools and some exclusive magic to make it all easier.
This is the first step to create an international open-source collaborative network of professionals in healthcare. Final goal: helping people.

Giulio Buscaroli
Process designer