Since 2016 product and process designer in WASP, the out-of-the-box Italian 3D printing company.

Graduates in 2016 with a thesis on the development of a big 3D printer that could print polymeric compounds, opening new paths in the world of design, furniture, and recycling.

Begins as a product designer with main focus on Delta WASP 3MT printer and 4C WASP body scanner.
Now works on the application of the printers and the development of new processes.
He is also involved in the education team as responsible for advanced 3D printing training.

Since 2018 he is coordinating WASP Med network, multi-disciplinary team with the aim of developing solutions in healthcare through the use of additive manufacturing.
Since 2019 cooperates with the University of Damascus for the research on 3D printed hand-prosthesis for war mutilations.