Blender + Unreal asset pipeline foundations

What kinds of real-time assets are people making in Blender? And how do we get everything from Blender into Unreal Engine (or the other way around)? In this workshop we will cover:
- conceptual similarities/differences between Blender & UE4
- organizing your project for collaboration
- compatible file formats & recommendations for today's game dev
- helpful add-ons from the Blender community


  • Mike started modeling with Blender in 2008 (after a few false starts) and has contributed as a developer since 2010. A few spans of this were full time, other times on nights and weekends as a FOSS hacker. Interwoven with Blender dev, he has worked on OpenGL drivers for the Mac, the art pipeline for an architectural VR startup, computational geometry at another startup, and Unreal Engine tools an…

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