Scientific Visualization Panel

* Leveraging Blender to See the Shapes of Neurons
* Using Blender to Visualise Urban Sensor Data
* BLOSPRAY: an alternative render engine for scientific visualization
* Dataset generation for Visual SLAM and Machine Learning
* Scientific data visualization using Blender & COVISE


  • Sybren works as software developer at Blender HQ. His roles there are project lead of the Animation 2025 project, and module coordinator of the Animation & Rigging module. He also worked on the render farm management software Flamenco, and on USD/Alembic integration.

  • Paul Melis works at SURFsara, the Dutch national supercomputing center, as lead of the visualization group. The group supports Dutch scientific researchers and users of the Dutch national high-performance computing infrastructure with visualization of 3D simulation models and abstract data.

  • I am using Blender since 2010 at least, finally switching from Cinema 4D when Blender 2.5 was introduced. Today, I try to use it for almost any task, from the usual 3D tasks when creating virtual models to video editing and 3D printing. I love to teach Blender, that's why I fulfilled my personal wish to become a BFCT in May 2016. My main focus is teaching Blender to students at university. Howeve…

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  • Marwan Abdellah is a scientific visualization engineer at the Visualization Section of the Blue Brain Project at EPFL, Switzerland. His interests include visualization, physically-based rendering, three-dimensional modeling and high performance computing, all applied to computational biology, in silico neuroscience, and medicine. This comes with a proven track record in adapting research ideas an…

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  • Dr Mike Simpson is a Research Software Engineer working in the Digital Institute.

    He is a graduate of Newcastle University and worked as a Game Programmer for two years before returning to start his PhD. His thesis was titled "Real-time Simulation of Rail Vehicle Dynamics" and involved using software and techniques from the game industry to develop real-time engineering simulations.

    His re…

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  • I am researcher at National Supercomputing Center IT4Innovations. As a member of Infrastructure Research Lab I focus on visualisation techniques that can leverage HPC resources. My areas of interests are scientific visualisation, medical imaging and rendering. I use Blender for this tasks.