Blender Conference 2022

27-29 Oct, 2022

Felix Meritis, Amsterdam

Suzanne Awards Film Festival

Since 2003, Suzanne Awards have been the platform to share and recognize the best animation work created by the Blender community. With its three categories (animation, design and short film), the festival program provides an inspiring and entertaining selection of films to be enjoyed in a screening during Blender Conference.

Nothing better than experiencing Blender animations surrounded by Blenderheads!



This award goes the best animated work, especially using expressive character animation.


Covers only the visual aspects of the submitted video. Simply put, the film with the best production design.

Short Film

For this award we nominate work that has a clear director's signature. The audience will choose a winner based on the best watching experience, whether it is for story telling, camera direction, staging or great characters.


Submission Guidelines

Please have a look at the guidelines below before submitting.


The graphics (3D models, 2D Grease Pencil, animation, rendering) in the films have to be created entirely in Blender, rendered in Blender or any other free and open source render engine. Any 2D paint/imaging software can be used. If you used other post-processing software for compositing or video editing, please mention it in your submission.

Duration & Format

All submitters are required to use a streaming video website such as YouTube or Vimeo. If selected, we then either download the video from that site, or contact you to make a high quality HD version available. That video file can be of any format/length, but should play in VLC player. Films will be screened as 1080p format. For longer shorts, we reserve the right to only show an excerpt of 5 minutes of your film. Tell us which 5 minutes to show in your submission!


The three winners will receive a beautiful Suzanne statue and goodies from the Blender Store!

Distribution Rights

For competition submissions, the Blender Foundation must be allowed to show and distribute the work via their own channels. The videos will be made available for viewing at the website during and after the conference.

Note: In the case of sound/music, you should also have the rights to use it and allow us to show and distribute it.