Education initiatives

Community meeting for Blender teachers in schools or universities.

More schools and unis are moving to Blender as their main tool for teaching 3D.
In the UK schools are provided with free Blender lessons (government funded). 3Dami ran a very successful after school club and a summer studio.
In China the Krystal Institute has successfully started providing training in open source tools like Blender to (young) students and adults.
In Germany Blender 3D School again ran a very successful summer school. In the Netherlands more secondary schools, graduate schools and media studies are teaching 3D using Blender.
And there is much more....

With Blender being accepted as a 5-start app to the Education Framework this can create even more possibilities.

During this meeting we get to know each other. You can present your Blender school initiative or project (please poke me beforehand). Discuss challenges and opportunities in teaching Blender: Should there be an education section on the Blender website? How about funding? In app learning possibilities for Blender?

Monique Dewanchand
Software Developer and Teacher
At Mind - B3D101