Managing heavy shots at Cube Creative studio

Cube Creative presents its work and progress on their pipeline based on Blender 3.1.

This upgrade allowed them to introduce the management of LODs. This is achieved through an in-house add-on, which allows graphic designers to manage the display, update, upgrade and downgrade of assets, by changing their level of definition, whether it is at the level of modelling and shading, but also in terms of rigging.

All this is based on the reference, collection and especially instance collection system present in Blender.

Cube Creative will also show you how this LOD information is transmitted and interpreted, from an animation shot which has its own constraints, to a rendering shot which has different constraints and needs.


  • Graduated from Supinfocom school in 2010, Axel Tillement joined the studio Cube Creative, a company of XILAM group.
    Passionate about the technical aspects of 3D animation, he specialised in Rigging.
    He is now general supervisor at the studio, where his missions are situated between projects management, pipeline and production tool development.

  • Tanguy Weyland is one of the 3D supervisor at Cube Creative, specialized in rendering, pipeline and special effects. He's currently involved in the design of a new production pipeline for coming TV series in the studio. Tanguy is graduated from French animation school Supinfocom Valenciennes.