Making a real-time short using Blender and Unreal

This presentation is about how Blender was used to create an animated short in Unreal.

The case study explains how a two person team used various techniques as well as utilized add-ons to create many characters, props, FX and animations in a modern fashion.

The focus will be on: custom add-ons that circumvent the FBX limitations, the team's rigging and retargeting pipeline, rigid body bone physics, the Alembic export process and how it was used.


  • I am 3D artist from Greece, after working as a freelancer for some time I started working on original stories.

  • My fascination with video games started from a very young age and sprouted in me an interest in 3D art, programming and music.

    While studying for my BE in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and BA in Game Design, I worked on many projects that honed both my offline and real-time 3D skills.

    In the recent years I have been practicing as a technical artist for games.