Studio RGL presents “The Decision Machines”

In this talk, Dave Ferner (Creative Director, Studio RGL/Real Good Liars) presents a behind-the-scenes, work-in-progress look at our new short film “The Decision Machines” - a surreal animated documentary created entirely in Blender/EEVEE.

We’ll be taking a look at the process of Art Direction/Look Development for NPR animation, as well as several unconventional techniques we’re using to achieve the unique graphic aesthetic of the project.


  • Designer/animator/director Dave Ferner rose to prominence as a member of design collective United Visual Artists, animating music videos & visuals for artists including Massive Attack, Jay-Z, Chemical Brothers, UNKLE, and Arctic Monkeys, as well as designing for brands like Playstation and MTV, and developing award-winning interactive installations - twice winning the British Design Museum’s “Des…

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