Video mapping for live open-air operas

Imagine you have to create content for a video mapping (video projection on a building) for a live performed open air opera. You are just one person, the opera is almost two hours long and you are not an expert in operas.
Clemens will take you through the production of „Tosca“ (2019) and „Rheingold“ (2021). He was responsible for creating all visual content and also on site. The performances took place in the port of Regensburg with live singers, symphonic orchestra and an audiance of about 3.000 people. The visual content was a mixture of live cameras and preproduced video/animation footage. Most of the content was modelled, animated and rendered with blender.


  • Clemens Rudolph is a freelance producer and artist for film, computer animation and computer graphics. He realizes projects in the field of interactive media art and visualization. He specializes in projections onto facades, rooms and objects (mapping / illumination). He is living near Regensburg, in the southeast of Germany. His professional career led from street theater and juggling, fire and …

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