A director's creative hub

Patrick Osborne, an animator, a writer, a director and show creator, and for the last two years, an honorary blender evangelist, spends his days trying to make animation in the Hollywood system. (a punishing task) Rejection hides around at every corner. So much of what most people consider success is in the hands of other people. Financiers… Executives…

A creator cannot measure success by business metric. Happiness cannot be left to decisions outside of one’s control. Happiness and joy, has to be in creating. In the idea making. In the tinkering… the drawing… the shaping of smart shaders and geometry node systems to do your creative bidding.

March 12 2020 - My feature film that he’d been making for the past 4 years fell through his hands… A result of the merger of two mega corporations… a harbinger of the demise of one of the great animation houses…

He moved back to Redondo Beach California - set up a ramshackle office in his father in law’s garage - which incidentally I had to share with his backyard marijuana grow operation… And I opened Blender for the first time. 2.82.

He hasn’t been the same since.

He’d love to take you all through the ins and outs of a few of these projects and how Blender has become the hub of his creative workflow - instrumental in getting things made and made beautifully, and getting others on board with his creative vision for them.