Tips and tricks for new add-on creators

Ever wonder how other developers make such large add-ons without pulling out their hair? Well, Zach did as well when he first started developing for Blender. In this session, he will go over everything he has learned while creating add-ons such as True-Terrain, NodeScapes, and many of the other True-VFX add-ons:

Topics Include:
- Finding answers online
- Programming helpers
- Using Blender’s low-level API
- Installing extra Python libraries
- How to make progress bars
- How to easily write multithreaded functions

This session will primarily be for beginning developers wanting to take their add-ons to the next level


  • I have been using Blender since October 2008. Went to university for Computer Animation. I got a job creating 3D, real-time, interactive, digital recreations of clients' injuries for lawyers to take into court. The business closed down due to COVID-19. Now I am one of the founders of True-VFX and get to make Blender Addons all day.